Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[Research Shows...]

So I have my first paper assignment...I am writing about the unrealistic expectations society has for women & thier appearance. As I have researched this topic more & more, it has begun to take its toll on me.

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12? Fat, by todays standards....but one of the most beautiful and remembered women of her time. What happened? How did size 2 become the new goal?

Basically, I am stuck. I don't want to conform to these unrealistic, and to be honest absurd expectations...but I feel like if I don't I'll be "ugly." Whats a girl to do? How can a size 7, curvy girl feel good about herself when the media is projecting these images at her from every angle? For now I remain stuck...more to come when I come to a real conclusion. :)


  1. Good points Mel! I think that girls can feel good about themselves- no matter what their size- when they set goals for themselves (not only about nutrition and exercise, but also education, social, etc.) and have good role models!

  2. Because you are a child of God and you need to become comfortable with who you are--who is someone very talented and wonderful and beautiful. Also, remember that 85% of the population is not size 2.

  3. The world has such a shallow view of beauty. It's important to not get caught in the adversary's trap of feeling inadequate. I read a quote somewhere that said if we could see the vision our Father in Heaven has of each of us, "we would rise up and never be the same." When things conspire to make me feel inadequate, I try to think about what He sees in me and then "rise up" and be better than I've been. Easier said than done but worth the effort! Lots of love to you!

  4. I've learned recently that beauty is not necessarily in the eye of the beholder, but in the eye of the one being beheld. If you see yourself as beautiful, others will too.

    Also, that aside, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. In my opinion, you're the perfect size. Thin, but not too thin. Most guys like girls with curves. :)